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1% Of Sales to Rogue Flyfishers*

The Ashland Outdoor Store will donate 1% of sales to Rogue Flyfishers from every purchase made by Rogue Flyfishers members in our store or online. We’ll tag and track your purchases so that every time you shop you will be supporting Rogue Flyfishers.

About the Rogue Flyfishers:

The Rogue Flyfishers was organized in February, 1971 for the purpose of creating fellowship among individuals with a common interest in the sport of fly angling, and to stimulate the education of members and prospective members in the art of angling with a fly. The aims of the Rogue Flyfishers, as related to the fishery resources, habitat, and environment, are conservation, preservation, and enhancement.

The Rogue Flyfishers is an affiliate member of the Fly Fishers International (formerly The Federation of Flyfishers). This national organization is composed of about 150 clubs similar to the Rogue Flyfishers and many of its members also have individual membership in the F.F.I.

Dinner meetings are regularly scheduled on the third Wednesday evening of each month, September through June. In July and August outings are conducted, usually with potluck dinners and with special emphasis directed towards involving the families of members. Officers and Directors meet every month, usually on the evening of the first Wednesday in each month. Members are welcome and encouraged to attend these meetings.

Some of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences have been and will continue to come from the organized work the club has undertaken to create and improve stream passage and spawning and rearing areas for anadramous fish. In this activity the club has developed the means of working cooperatively with the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Department and the Bureau of Land Management.

It is believed that you will discover that you have joined a friendly group. If you want advice about tackle, flies to use, places to fish or a fishing partner, don't hesitate to approach another member.

The Rogue Flyfishers is an active club with over 200 members. Levels of experience range from expert fishermen and tiers to members in the beginning stages of learning the sport. There is a place for all levels of experience and interest within our club. We meet the goals of the club on an ongoing basis by doing the following:

  • Hold monthly meetings at which we socialize, have dinner, welcome new members and guests, conduct the general business of the club, relate fishing experiences, and enjoy organized programs.
  • Organize and promote club outings.
  • Involve the members of the club in conservation projects to enhance water quality, fish passage and habitat.
  • Promote the practice of catch and release fishing.
  • Share our love and knowledge of flyfishing, casting, rod building, flytying, and other related activities by offering classes and workshops.
  • Participate in community activities and events.
  • Work with federal, state, and local fish and wildlife officials and organizations for the good of the resource.
  • Participate in the political arena to initiate and support legislative action.
  • Inform and educate the community on problems related to our fisheries.
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