The Ashland Outdoor Store

1% of Sales to GEOS Institute*

The Ashland Outdoor Store will donate 1% of sales to GEOS Institute from every purchase made by GEOS Institute members in our store or online. We’ll tag and track your purchases so that every time you shop you will be supporting GEOS Institute.

The Geos Institute is a team of scientists, facilitators, and process innovators who believe that the global climate crisis will push humanity to make a collective decision – move toward greater cohesion and peace or widespread violence and conflict.

They do not have all of the answers, but they lean hard toward peace and cohesion. And they do that by working on the systems where they believe their focus can have the greatest impact on people and the natural world – community decision making, forest management, and river system restoration.

Their team works hard to create a future where they have successfully and collaboratively addressed the systemic causes of climate change to bring about a healthy and prosperous world for people and wildlife.

The science is clear. The climate is changing rapidly and in dangerous ways. And human activity is the primary cause.

At the Geos Institute, they see three options:

  1. Pretend climate change is not happening
  2. Focus on limited, short-term fixes that are likely to cause bigger problems down the road
  3. Get to work creating a culture of awareness, innovative thinking, and collective action that will allow them to leave a healthy, vibrant, peaceful world to our children and those who come behind them.

Geos Institute chooses to get to work, and they hope you will join them.

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