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1% For The Rogue Valley

The Ashland Outdoor Store proudly supports the following organizations by donating 1% of your sales to that organization when you choose one at the register. No need to choose each time, just let us know and it will be automatic for future purchases too. Your support helps create and maintain our local natural environment and the community that shares it. Below are the organizations in Southern Oregon and Northern California who are developing and maintaining access to the trails, rivers and peaks that make our region so special as a destination for outdoor enthusiasts of all types.
  • 1% of Sales to GEOS Institute*

    The Ashland Outdoor Store will donate 1% of sales to GEOS Institute from every purchase made by GEOS Institute members in our store or online. We’ll tag and track your purchases so that every time you shop you will be supporting GEOS Institute.

    The Geos Institute is a team of scientists, facilitators, and process innovators who believe that the global climate crisis will push humanity to make a collective decision – move toward greater cohesion and peace or widespread violence and conflict.

    They do not have all of the answers, but they lean hard toward peace and cohesion. And they do that by working on the systems where they believe their focus can have the greatest impact on people and the natural world – community decision making, forest management, and river system restoration.

    Their team works hard to create a future where they have successfully and collaboratively addressed the systemic causes of climate change to bring about a healthy and prosperous world for people and wildlife.

    The science is clear. The climate is changing rapidly and in dangerous ways. And human activity is the primary cause.

    At the Geos Institute, they see three options:

    1. Pretend climate change is not happening
    2. Focus on limited, short-term fixes that are likely to cause bigger problems down the road
    3. Get to work creating a culture of awareness, innovative thinking, and collective action that will allow them to leave a healthy, vibrant, peaceful world to our children and those who come behind them.

    Geos Institute chooses to get to work, and they hope you will join them.

  • 1% Of Sales to SOU Outdoor Program*

    The Ashland Outdoor Store will donate 1% of sales to Southern Oregon University Outdoor Program from every purchase made by SOU Outdoor Program members in our store or online. We’ll tag and track your purchases so that every time you shop you will be supporting SOU Outdoor Program.

    SOU Outdoor Program (OP) advocates the spirit of adventure for students. They offer student led trips throughout the school year for the entire campus community, as well as, high quality camping/rafting/kayaking/backpacking equipment rentals for students and the community. The Outdoor Program is an inclusive campus resource for all students, and is associated with Student Life.  The OP also supports all the adventure-based clubs on campus. If you're interested in getting outside, come by and check them out!

  • 1% Of Sales to Rogue Flyfishers*

    The Ashland Outdoor Store will donate 1% of sales to Rogue Flyfishers from every purchase made by Rogue Flyfishers members in our store or online. We’ll tag and track your purchases so that every time you shop you will be supporting Rogue Flyfishers.

    About the Rogue Flyfishers:

    The Rogue Flyfishers was organized in February, 1971 for the purpose of creating fellowship among individuals with a common interest in the sport of fly angling, and to stimulate the education of members and prospective members in the art of angling with a fly. The aims of the Rogue Flyfishers, as related to the fishery resources, habitat, and environment, are conservation, preservation, and enhancement.

    The Rogue Flyfishers is an affiliate member of the Fly Fishers International (formerly The Federation of Flyfishers). This national organization is composed of about 150 clubs similar to the Rogue Flyfishers and many of its members also have individual membership in the F.F.I.

    Dinner meetings are regularly scheduled on the third Wednesday evening of each month, September through June. In July and August outings are conducted, usually with potluck dinners and with special emphasis directed towards involving the families of members. Officers and Directors meet every month, usually on the evening of the first Wednesday in each month. Members are welcome and encouraged to attend these meetings.

    Some of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences have been and will continue to come from the organized work the club has undertaken to create and improve stream passage and spawning and rearing areas for anadramous fish. In this activity the club has developed the means of working cooperatively with the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Department and the Bureau of Land Management.

    It is believed that you will discover that you have joined a friendly group. If you want advice about tackle, flies to use, places to fish or a fishing partner, don't hesitate to approach another member.

    The Rogue Flyfishers is an active club with over 200 members. Levels of experience range from expert fishermen and tiers to members in the beginning stages of learning the sport. There is a place for all levels of experience and interest within our club. We meet the goals of the club on an ongoing basis by doing the following:

    • Hold monthly meetings at which we socialize, have dinner, welcome new members and guests, conduct the general business of the club, relate fishing experiences, and enjoy organized programs.
    • Organize and promote club outings.
    • Involve the members of the club in conservation projects to enhance water quality, fish passage and habitat.
    • Promote the practice of catch and release fishing.
    • Share our love and knowledge of flyfishing, casting, rod building, flytying, and other related activities by offering classes and workshops.
    • Participate in community activities and events.
    • Work with federal, state, and local fish and wildlife officials and organizations for the good of the resource.
    • Participate in the political arena to initiate and support legislative action.
    • Inform and educate the community on problems related to our fisheries.
    • Join The Rogue Flyfishers
  • 1% Of Sales To Siskiyou Mountain Club*

    The Ashland Outdoor Store will donate 1% of sales to Siskiyou Mountain Club from every purchase made by Siskiyou Mountain Club members in our store or online. We’ll tag and track your purchases so that every time you shop you will be supporting Siskiyou Mountain Club.

    The Siskiyou Mountain Club is a 501(c)(3) public charity that formed to restore, maintain, and promote primitive trails in the Siskiyou backcountry, and to provide outdoor service opportunities for the public. We coordinate stewardship projects, lead outdoor adventures, and publish useful information for the public. They bring people, trails, and wilderness together. Focusing on the hardest to reach, most damaged and neglected trails deep in Southwest Oregon’s wilderness and backcountry areas, Siskiyou Mountain Club aims to lead a renaissance in hiking and backpacking throughout Southwest Oregon.

  • 1% To Southern Oregon Land Conservancy*

    The Ashland Outdoor Store will donate 1% of sales to Southern Oregon Land Conservancy from every purchase made by Southern Oregon Land Conservancy members in our store or online. We’ll tag and track your purchases so that every time you shop you will be supporting Southern Oregon Land Conservancy.

    Southern Oregon Land Conservancy:

    Southern Oregon's Rogue River region is renowned for its unique and varied landscape.  Situated between the rocky coast and the Cascade Mountain range, a network of meandering streams combines with towering pine trees and naturally fertile soils to create one of the most biologically diverse areas in the world.

    Southern Oregon Land Conservancy's work is complex, but their mission is simple: to protect and enhance precious land in the Rogue River region to benefit our human and natural communities.

    They envision a vast network of conserved lands spanning the region, connecting people to nature, and enhancing the quality of life for all who live or visit this special corner of the Pacific Northwest.

    "We share a deep love for this land. It surrounds us every day, from the ridges of the Siskiyou Mountains to the verdant valleys of the irrepressible Rogue River. This is our home, our backyard, our hiking trails and fishing holes. It’s the forests and farmlands that have sustained our livelihoods for generations. It’s a place we cherish, and we are committed to keeping it in the public’s trust for many generations to come.


  • 1% Of Sales To Rogue Riverkeeper*

    The Ashland Outdoor Store will donate 1% of sales to Rogue Riverkeeper from every purchase made by Rogue Riverkeeper members in our store or online. We’ll tag and track your purchases so that every time you shop you will be supporting Rogue Riverkeeper.

    Rogue Riverkeeper:

    Rogue Riverkeeper works to protect and restore clean water and native fish in the Rogue watershed. They work to safeguard the health of the Rogue River, using fundamental environmental protections such as the Clean Water Act to improve water quality across the basin's 3.3 million acres.

    Rogue Riverkeeper was founded in 2008 as a program of the Klamath Siskiyou Wildlands Center (KS Wild) to provide public oversight of Clean Water Act implementation in the Rogue Basin. They are a member of the Waterkeeper Alliance, which is an international network of advocates who fight for clean water in over 300 waterways worldwide. The guiding principle of Waterkeepers is that without water, there can be no life, and without clean water, there can be no healthy life. Rogue Riverkeeper works for swimmable, drinkable, fishable waters.

    Rogue Riverkeeper's vision is of a clean, free flowing, healthy river where the Rogue’s scenic beauty, recreational, fish, and wildlife values are protected and restored for future generations.

    They build broad-based community support that fosters and nurtures community responsibility for good stewardship of our river and fill a critical niche in the Rogue Basin as the watchdog, steward, and voice of the River and watershed.

    Rogue Riverkeepr's mission is to protect and restore clean water and fish populations in the Rogue River Basin through advocacy, accountability, and community engagement.

  • 1% Of Sales To Mt. Shasta Avalanche Center*

    The Ashland Outdoor Store will donate 1% of sales to Friends of the Mt. Shasta Avalanche Center from every purchase made by Mt. Shasta Avalanche Center members in our store or online. We’ll tag and track your purchases so that every time you shop you will be supporting Mt. Shasta Avalanche Center.

    The Mt. Shasta Avalanche Center's mission is to enrich the Mount Shasta Area backcountry experience by providing professional forecasting, real-time information, and avalanche safety training.

    The Shasta/McCloud Ranger District on the Shasta-Trinity National Forest houses and runs the avalanche forecasting operations of the avalanche center. It houses two full-time avalanche forecaster and one professional field observer, and provides infrastructure including office space, computers, internet access, phones, vehicles, fuel, safety equipment, and supervision. The forecasters gather avalanche, snowpack, and weather observations then use this data to create and issue avalanche advisories and avalanche warnings. Both employees also function as climbing rangers on Mt Shasta and also teach all the educational components that the avalanche center offers throughout the winter months.

    The 501(c)(3) not for profit organization known as Friends of the Mount Shasta Avalanche Center is focused on fundraising to support the financial needs of the Mount Shasta Avalanche Center. It consists of a volunteer Board of Directors and a paid Executive Director help run programs and operations. Through its fundraising efforts this group provides much of the funding necessary to cover budget expenses and operations. Expenses paid for by the not for profit include the costs of continuing education and some of the cost of the equipment necessary for the forecasters to operate safely in the field. Fundraising for these expenses is accomplished through the organization of the annual Snow Ball, movie nights, slideshows, the Mt Shasta Ascension backcountry randonee race, by securing sponsorships and grants, as well as by gathering private donations and conducting a membership drive for user support.

    What FMSAC Does:

    • Together with the Shasta-Trinity National Forest we provide funding, effort, and equipment towards operating the Mount Shasta Avalanche Center.
    • Help the MSAC to provide avalanche education presentations and companion rescue clinics, including new programs targeted specifically at motorized and youth backcountry user groups.
    • Develop and maintain the MSAC website for year round backcountry recreation safety information.
    • Fund remote weather stations to collect real-time weather data used by our forecasters, posted on the
    • Maintain public avalanche interpretive area in the Old Ski Bowl on Mt Shasta.
    • Help fund MSAC forecasters’ professional development opportunities and an avalanche education training fund for community members.
    • Fund information and advisory road signage on popular backcountry access roads.

    *1% of sales to be contributed in cash and/or products on a monthly or quarterly schedule based on volume and/or necessity.

  • 1% Of Sales To KS Wild*

    The Ashland Outdoor Store will donate 1% of sales to KS Wild from every purchase made by KS Wild members in our store or online. Formed in 1997, KS Wild is dedicated to protecting and restoring the mountains, trails, rivers and ecosystems of southwest Oregon’s and northwest California’s Klamath-Siskiyou region and promoting science-based land and water conservation through policy and community action.

    Next time you are in the store, let us know you want to help KS Wild continue its efforts to monitor public lands and waterways in the Rogue River-Siskiyou, Klamath, Six Rivers and Shasta-Trinity National Forests, and the Medford and Coos Bay Districts of the Bureau of Land Management. We’ll tag and track your purchases so that every time you shop you will be supporting KS wild in preserving the ecological riches which bless our community.

    *1% of sales to be contributed in cash and/or products on a monthly or quarterly schedule based on volume and/or necessity.

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