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Plastic Camping Fork

Plastic Camping Fork


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Product Experiences for the Plastic Camping Fork

Jeffrey Edwards

AOS Staff

The Plastic Camping Fork is going to be great for some lightweight backpacking. It's quite sturdy so there's no need to worry about it breaking on you in the back country and it's also pretty high quality plastic so you don't need to worry about it melting and getting into your food or anything like that.

Pokey McFarland

AOS Staff

The plastic camping fork is a great solution. This is an awesome item to have on a camping trip. This is going to take away the need for bringing, say, silverware from home, or even worse, disposable plastic ware. So every camping trip if you're kind of looking at how much trash you have and what your trash is, this is an awesome item to bring to cut down on those throwaway items.

Stephanie Nance

AOS Staff

I've been enjoying using the Plastic Camping Fork while just on normal day hikes or while camping in the back country. It's very nice to just grab this guy, it's very durable and it's really easy to clean and hasn't broken on me yet. So, I highly recommend it.